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Bret Saunder’s Experience With Cosmetic Dentistry – After


Bret Saunder’s speaks about his Cosmetic Dentistry experience at Incredible Smiles

What was impressive about the process and first appointment was how quickly and how efficiently it all went. Because to be honest I had no idea how this was going to go down. Was Dr. Kemmet going to yank all my teeth out and put in different teeth? But no that wasn’t the case at all. It hardly took anytime at all to adjust to them and now they feel like just normal teeth.

I didn’t really want comments from people unless I told them look at what Dr. Kemmet’s done. I didn’t want game show host looking teeth. I wanted to have normal regular looking teeth. Thanks to you and the team at Incredible Smiles that is exactly what I received. One of the things I really enjoyed about working with Incredible Smiles is the fact that I can have everything done in once location, because previously if I had to have extractions done or cavities filled I would have to make appointments with different dentists. Dr. Kemmet, you bring in a team of professionals who are trained to do specific things and they can do them all here in your office because you have everything at your disposal.

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Bret Saunder’s Experience With Cosmetic Dentistry – Before

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