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Non-Metal Fillings

Many people are on the lookout for better options when it comes to dental fillings. Traditionally, metal fillings were the go-to material for decades for strength and durability. Today there are alternative options that mimic the appearance of the natural tooth while restoring your oral health. That’s why we highly recommend non-metal fillings for those who wish to restore their incredible smiles without using toxic metals.

Why Choose Non-metal Fillings

Mercury Filling Removal Non-metal fillings offer several advantages over traditional metal fillings, such as a more natural look, less invasive procedure and reduced health risks.

Better Aesthetics

The most apparent advantage of non-metal fillings is that they blend seamlessly with your natural teeth. Traditional amalgam fillings are a dark, metallic color, which easily stands out against the whiteness of your teeth. Non-metal fillings often use composite resin or porcelain, which allows our team at Incredible Smiles to custom-match the color to your existing tooth enamel. This creates a more visually pleasing and less noticeable result.

Preservation of Tooth Structure

Another significant reason to consider non-metal fillings is the preservation of your natural tooth structure. With amalgam fillings, dentists often have to remove a larger portion of the healthy tooth structure to create a stable foundation for the filling material. In contrast, non-metal fillings require less removal of healthy tooth matter, allowing you to maintain more of your original smile. This conservative approach not only preserves the vitality of your tooth but also reduces the need for more invasive dental work in the future.

Environmental Responsibility and Health Concerns

Choosing non-metal fillings is not only advantageous for your mouth, but it’s also safer for the environment and your overall health. Amalgam fillings contain mercury, a known toxic material, which contributes to environmental pollution when disposed of. Furthermore, some guests may have metal allergies, resulting in inflammation, discomfort, or other adverse reactions to the traditional metallic material. Non-metal fillings are hypoallergenic and made from biocompatible materials, making them a responsible choice for those looking to minimize their ecological footprint and address potential health concerns.

  • Improved appearance with tooth-colored materials
  • Preservation of more natural tooth structure
  • Reduced environmental impact and health risks
  • Biocompatible, metal-free materials
  • Long-lasting and durable solution for dental restoration

Non-metal fillings are worth considering as a safer, healthier, and more attractive alternative.

Benefits of Non-metal Fillings

Non-metal fillings offer a wide range of benefits including:

Improved Confidence

One of the primary benefits of non-metal fillings is their ability to blend seamlessly with your natural teeth. Using composite resin or porcelain materials enables us to custom-match the shade of the filling to your existing tooth enamel, ensuring a virtually undetectable result. This discretion can help boost self-confidence and remove any feelings of self-consciousness, allowing you to smile more freely and openly.

Reduced Tooth Sensitivity

Traditional amalgam fillings can sometimes lead to tooth sensitivity due to the thermal conductivity of metal, which can cause discomfort when consuming hot or cold foods and beverages. Non-metal fillings, on the other hand, are made from materials with lower thermal conductivity, resulting in a decreased risk of sensitivity. This improvement can make everyday activities such as eating or drinking more enjoyable and less painful for those dealing with sensitive teeth.

Long-lasting Durability

Non-metal fillings are also known for their durability and longevity. Composite resin and porcelain materials have excellent wear resistance, ensuring that your fillings can withstand daily functions such as biting and chewing for an extended period. In addition, non-metal fillings can provide stronger adhesion to the tooth structure, which can help reduce the risk of recurrent decay or future dental complications.

Ultimately, the combination of durability and adhesion makes non-metal fillings a long-lasting and reliable solution for dental restoration. Contact our office today and restore the health and appearance of your smile.

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