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Cat Zingano More Confident


Cat Zingano speaks about her experience with Incredible Smiles and how her new smile goes along with her lifestyle.  As a competitive athlete she no longer has to worry about her teeth and also has more confidence than ever before.

You know I didn’t really know what I was coming in for I just said that I was unhappy with some of these things I was unhappy with my bite and the fact that they were ground down, I felt like there was some discoloration because of the chipping and the years of grinding my teeth. I asked them , what do you think I need? You are the experts. You’re the ones who create these incredible smiles. What do you see that would help me?

They told me that they thought veneers would be helpful. They took x-rays of all my teeth, top and bottom and front and back. They were able to come up with a good fit that not only fit my mouth, but my bone structure too. It went along with my style of living. I am a competitive athlete in a combative sport and I need to be able to do my sport without worry about my teeth, without worrying about any kind of extensive damage. So the temporaries from what I understand are durable and they give some gurth inside my natural bite and I am still getting used to talking. I am absolutely happy with the results and how I feel. I definitely have a new confidence. It will be really hard to expect a lot less after this.

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