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Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover

We love enhancing smiles. If there is a change you are considering we would be happy to help you too. Creating incredible smiles is what we do every day because people ask us for smile makeovers every day. Of course, everyone has different issues with their teeth and smile so treatment is unique to the individual. Some need to research the pros and cons of veneers, others just need a simple whitening and some will require braces – the path to a perfect smile is different for everyone. A unique smile makeover means something different to every person who visits with us. Here are the most common reasons why people want their smile enhanced:

  • my teeth are yellow
  • my teeth are chipped
  • I am missing teeth
  • my bite is not right
  • I want to cover my teeth when I smile
  • my teeth have worn short
  • I don’t like how my smile makes me feel

The three most common statements people make when they have their smile enhanced are:

  1. This looks incredible.
  2. I look younger.
  3. I should have done this a long time ago.
SERVICE: Cosmetic Dentistry Addressing crooked, discolored, and misshaped teeth with porcelain Incredible Smiles crowns and veneers. BENEFITS: A straighter, brighter, younger-looking smile that is easier to maintain and can last a lifetime. TIME FRAME: Two to four visits over a several-week period.

Here are the enhancements we do in our office to complete a smile makeover. Sometimes we use one, two, three, or even four:

  • Veneers – porcelain coverings over the front surface of the teeth
  • Crowns – full porcelain covering over the entire surface of the tooth
  • Implants – a way to replace a missing tooth or teeth
  • Invisalign – clear aligners are used to straighten teeth
  • Teeth Whitening – yellow teeth become white again
  • Gum Therapy – remove stains and improve tissue health
  • Full Mouth Enhancement – restore all teeth – improve appearance and function
  • TMJ Therapy– alleviating pain can make someone feel healthy and whole again

Considering a Smile Make Over? Contact us today. We would love to have you visit with us.

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