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Bret Saunder’s Experience With Cosmetic Dentistry – Before


Bret Saunder’s speaks about his initial experience with Incredible Smiles

I would say that I have known most of my life that my teeth weren’t the color of other people’s teeth. It’s not like I was tormented as a child I just felt a little bit different because of that and I think that weighed on my confidence a little bit. The thing for me after hearing about Incredible Smiles was coming in and sitting down with you and your staff and realizing this isn’t a place where they just want to move people in and out as soon as humanly possible. It’s really a place where people can come , I think, not just to have a healthier lifestyle or a healthier mouth but to genuinely feel better about themselves. That’s the feeling I get when I come to Incredible Smiles.

Bret Saunder’s Experience With Cosmetic Dentistry – After
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