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Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction is an all-encompassing dental treatment plan designed to address multiple oral health issues simultaneously, aiming to restore your mouth's health, function, and appearance.

This comprehensive solution is ideal for individuals who have struggled with several dental concerns like old dentistry and fillings. With full mouth reconstruction, every tooth is restored with porcelain.  This technique allows Dr. Uppal to restore the ideal length and positioning of your teeth, optimizing the muscles so they are relaxed.

Full mouth reconstruction utilizes a combination of different dental procedures and treatments, which may include:

  • Dental implants for replacing missing teeth
  • Crowns and bridges to support and restore damaged teeth
  • Veneers for correcting cosmetic tooth imperfections
  • Inlays and onlays for repairing decayed teeth
  • Orthodontics to improve misaligned teeth and bites
  • Periodontal treatment for addressing gum disease
  • Root canal therapy for saving severely infected teeth
  • Tooth extractions when necessary

Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a complete dental transformation, taking into account both aesthetic and functional aspects of your oral health. An in-depth consultation and examination are carried out to evaluate your needs, formulate a comprehensive treatment plan and devise the most appropriate, efficient, and effective way to achieve the desired results.

It’s essential to note that full mouth reconstruction is not a one-size-fits-all approach. It is carefully tailored to the individual. The procedures included, as well as the overall timeline and cost, may vary significantly. We are happy to give you options during your consultation so that you are able to make the best decision to address your concerns and remain informed and at ease during the entire process.

Full Mouth Reconstruction with Incredible Smiles

Choosing Incredible Smiles and Dr. Priya Uppal for your full mouth reconstruction comes with numerous benefits. We have over 3 decades of experience transforming smiles to their optimal health and aesthetic appearance.

Restore the Health of Your Teeth and Gums

Full mouth reconstruction specifically targets and corrects damaged or missing teeth and gum health issues. These aspects of your oral health can contribute to further dental complications if left untreated. Our comprehensive treatment plans address these concerns, implementing procedures like dental veneers, implants, crowns, gum therapy, and more.

Improve Your Bite and Jaw Alignment

When your bite is misaligned, it can lead to discomfort, speech issues, and difficulties eating. By addressing these concerns with orthodontics and other necessary dental procedures, your full mouth reconstruction plan will work to correct your bite, thereby helping to avoid future complications.

Enhance Your Smile’s Appearance

A beautiful smile can work wonders for your self-esteem and confidence. Full mouth reconstruction at Incredible Smiles takes into account the aesthetic improvement of your smile that is completely authentic to you.

One guest explained her experience with us:

“Thank you Incredible Smiles for allowing me to have an influence on how my new smile would look. My veneers were one of the final steps needed to restore my face after a climbing accident. Thank you for the perfectionism!” ~Steffi, Incredible Smiles Guest

Long-lasting, Durable Results

One of the key benefits of choosing Incredible Smiles for your full mouth reconstruction is the longevity of the results we provide. We use high-quality materials and cutting-edge techniques for all our dental restorations, ensuring that your newly restored smile is both functional and durable.

If you have a number of oral health problems, Incredible Smiles is here to help reclaim your smile and your confidence. Schedule your complimentary consultation with us today!

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