Missing Tooth? Here are your options.

For most, having a missing front tooth is not an option.

No one wants to hear this dreaded diagnosis, “We are going to have to remove this tooth.” Yet, it’s news I have to deliver almost daily.

Maybe you or someone you know has lost a tooth, or teeth. Once a tooth is lost where does that leave them? Faced with a missing tooth, or a tooth replacement. For most people leaving a missing tooth in the front of their mouth is not an option. It is a little more common for people to go without their back teeth.

“We are going to have to remove this tooth.”

There are removable options: dentures or partials. And there are permanent options: bridges or implants. Let’s explore the bridge and implant choices.


Bridges have the advantage of being a quicker process and less costly than implants. However, only in the rarest occasions do we place bridges in our office today. Why? The bridge has to anchor to at least two teeth. If those teeth (on either side of the space) are somewhat compromised or weak then choosing an alternate solution is best. Over time the anchor teeth also receive more stress and can break, leaving you with even more missing teeth. You might have to look for veneers near me and find the best one for yourself.


Dental implants are now a routine part of our every day practice.

What is involved? First the tooth gets removed along with any potential infection. Often the day the tooth is removed we place a bone graft to fill the hole left behind. This graft then integrates into your jaw and becomes a solid foundation of bone both in height and width.

Missing a tooth? Explore your options at Incredible Smiles, Boulder CO

A few months later the implant is placed and is left in the bone, covered by tissue, to quietly integrate into the bone. About three months later our dentists take a measurement for the parts that insert into the implant — the abutment and the crown. You can go to daytonabeachdentalimplants.com website to get a dentist’s opinion.

Most dental implants are made out of titanium and the crown that gets placed into the implant is retained by a screw. The entire process from start to finish can take anywhere from 3 – 7 months, and in rare cases longer.

Why 3D X-ray Technology?

Dental implants at Incredible Smiles are a streamlined process with our 3D technology. This technology is critical to the successful outcome of your implant in most cases. When bone is lacking the dentists need to know this prior to implant placement. Occasionally the natural anatomy may not allow for implant placement. The dentists at Incredible Smiles want to know about the underlying structure in advance, so we can set you up for success.

missing tooth? know your options...

Choose a dentist who is skilled in implant placement.

Know your options and choose a dentist who is skilled at implant placement. Courses and specific training are a must for any dentist placing implants. Let us help you choose the best option for your mouth. Complimentary consultations at Incredible Smiles offer our guests a chance to explore their dental restoration options — and the associated fees.

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