What teaching dentistry taught me.

Being an instructor has kept me up-to-date with ever-evolving technology.

I have been a dentist for a long time… thirty years now. For part of that time I was an instructor at The Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, for post-graduates specializing in cosmetic dentistry.

There I had the opportunity to teach dentists from all over the world: Australia, Europe and Canada… and because I was a teacher, I learned so much. In a teaching Institute like that you’re not only teaching, you’re learning at the same time.

Being an instructor keeps me up-to-date with the latest technological advancements in dentistry. Here at Incredible Smiles we use the latest technology such as 3D conebeam imaging, which generates detailed, three dimensional images of your teeth and surrounding soft tissue.

I taught dentists from all over the world.

When I opened my practice in Boulder, I brought those 17 years of teaching into my practice. As a result I can do just about anything with a smile—from enhancing one tooth, to working on all thirty-two teeth at one time. I might end up doing a complex restoration of the bite, or just enhance one tooth. Each case is different.

We do it all.

We really can do it all…  At Incredible Smiles we clean teeth, we do fillings, we do crowns, implants and also highly complex reconstructions of the mouth. I want my patients to feel relaxed and comfortable at Incredible Smiles—and that requires trust. You can be assured that you’re in competent hands with us at Incredible Smiles.

Listen to what Dr. Kemmet’s clients have to say!

My dental saga started when I was eight. I had a bad bike accident and knocked my teeth out… I interviewed lots and lots of cosmetic dentists… and when I walked into the office I knew it was the right place. I have my smile back, from early childhood… it feels great. It has totally boosted my confidence!” — client testimonial

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