Four Characteristics of a Healthy Smile

We take preventative measures to keep our skin, hair and body looking its best and to lessen the signs of aging. So why should it be any different with our smiles? A healthy smile can impact all aspects of your life. If our teeth are starting to look discolored, decayed and misaligned and our gums are experiencing the effects of time, it may be time to consider a smile overhaul.

Four characteristics of a healthy smile:

1. Teeth are some shade of white, strong and free of chips or cracks.
2. The upper teeth are more dominant than the lower teeth.
3. There are minor misalignments.
4. The gums are pink and firm.

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, 48% of adults age 18-24 have de-tagged themselves in a Facebook photo because of their smile. Is this you? If you have considered this, there’s good news! There are things that we can do to restore your healthy smile.

Why do smiles change?

Smiles change for three main reasons: discoloration, wear and shifting.

  • After years of consuming stain-causing foods and drinks your teeth may  become discolored, causing them to look dull.
  • Normal wear and tear can cause your teeth to crack, chip and be forced out of alignment.
  • There are a variety of reasons that your teeth shift including gum issues, genetics and even lost teeth (that are not replaced). These can all cause the teeth to move out of their proper position.

Does your smile need a makeover?

If you have decided that you want or need a smile makeover you’ve taken the first step. Now what? Determining the best option to restore a more youthful, functional and healthy smile comes next. Sometimes a smile enhancement only requires whitening. This can be done in the dental office or in your home. And, sometimes a more dramatic difference is needed to create the overall look. If a full smile transformation is what it takes to improve a smile, we can work with you to create options.

Incredible Smiles offers options for your healthy smile

Whitening is simple with either in office treatment or take home custom fitting whitening trays. Both of these options offer a professional bleaching system that is more effective than over the counter treatments. This process takes 1-2 hours and requires no anesthesia.

Straightening teeth is easier than ever before. More and more adults are choosing clear removable aligners to straighten crooked teeth. Clear aligners (known as Invisalign, ClearCorrect or Red White and Blue) fit snug over teeth to guide them back into place. Choose a dentist who can scan your teeth instead of using old fashioned impressioning techniques. These scans create accuracy in the final fit of the aligners and result in the ultimate in aligned teeth. The fitting for clear aligners takes less than an hour and requires no anesthesia.

Tooth reshaping is also known as tooth recontouring which addresses minor problems like slightly crooked or uneven teeth. Tooth recontouring softens the curves of teeth, making them appear more naturally rounded and youthful. Clients like this option because it is simple, completed with an hour and no anesthesia is required.

Fixing a “Gummy Smile” with gum recontouring is ideal for teeth that look short and square. Removing the excess gum tissue and reshaping the remaining gum tissue places less emphasis on the gums and more attention on the teeth. Not all dentists have a tissue laser and this is needed to perform this procedure. Gum recontouring requires less than an hour and sometimes requires anesthetic.

Hiding Flaws by concealing them may be achieved with bonding, crowns or veneers. These are all great options and each one is specific to the flaw. Bonding is great where strength of material is not required and the flaw is small. Crowns are essential when teeth are severely worn, broken or you have large cavities or fillings. Veneers have revolutionized aesthetic dentistry, are capable of camouflaging everything from slightly crooked teeth to gaps, chips, discoloration and even poorly shaped teeth. Veneers are small and thin yet strong. Many of the perfect smiles you see on celebrities are usually the result of veneers. Bonding may not require anesthesia however crowns and veneers do require it. Bonding requires one visit and crowns and veneers usually require two visits.healthy smiles before and after

Get started today

The Complete Smile Makeover is great for those who feel their smile has lost its sparkle and is displaying signs of aging, including tooth loss, discoloration , excessive gum tissue and or broken, misaligned teeth. A completely customized smile transformation may be the ultimate solution to create a gorgeous, incredible smile. Smile makeovers often include a combination of cosmetic dentistry enhancements – bonding, clear braces, crowns, veneers, whitening, gum tissue recontouring and for tooth replacement – implants should be considered.
No matter what you are considering always ask for a consultation first. These smile consultations are offered free at Incredible Smiles. Contact us now or call 303-499-0013 to start the process for your healthy smile makeover.

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