Keep your immune system strong

Now is the time to keep your immune system strong with these simple tips:

Now more than ever, we need to focus on being healthy and staying healthy. One of the simplest strategies that everyone can incorporate into their daily routine to keep your immune system strong is to maintain your oral hygiene.

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Brush twice a day for 2 minutes. Yep – 2 minutes! It may seem like an eternity compared to how long most people brush. Just keep it moving and if your toothbrush ends up looking like a flattened out scrub brush you are pushing too hard. Always use a soft bristled toothbrush and replace it every 3 months.
Favorite Toothbrush: Sonicare


There is no substitute for flossing. If we did not have to floss – life would be better, I know. Use a woven floss (not one that ‘glides’) that picks up plaque and food. Scrape up and down and shoe shine back and forth on the tooth surface. think about flossing two teeth unless its the last tooth surface.
Favorite Floss: Dr. Tung’s Smart Floss

Water Flossing:

We typically use the term Waterpik to describe the brand and function of water flossing. The mechanical motion of the water is what makes the difference between flossing and water flossing. We suggest a low setting of 4 and slowly pause between each tooth (count to 7) to let warm water pump through. Hold your head over the sink to minimize water spray.
Favorite Water Flosser: Waterpik


There is a lot of junk in toothpaste. Why not choose one packed with yummy ingredients? Just a pea size amount on the brush will do.

Favorite Toothpaste: Tooth and Gum Tonic

Enhance your oral care routine for a stronger immune system. Be healthy and stay healthy.
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