How Often Should I Have My Teeth Cleaned?

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Should I have my teeth cleaned every six months?

In the 1950’s toothpaste companies perpetuated a myth about teeth cleaning; dentists were told that their patients should have their teeth cleaned every six months. So that’s what dentists recommended. Is that what we need? Definitely not. A very, very small percentage of the population is well-served by six-month cleanings. The majority of us, including me, need their teeth cleaned much more often than that.

I brush my teeth regularly and floss daily…

Seventy-five percent of the general population has gingivitis. Those people, like me, need their teeth cleaned more frequently. Flossing, brushing, using a mouth rinse, and your Waterpik are important to your overall oral health, however, you still need the help of a dentist to get the tartar off that’s below the gum tissue. You just can’t reach those tough places with your floss or toothbrush. Maintaining your oral hygiene is truly important for achieving overall health. Check out some additional tips about How Your Diet Can Improve Your Overall Health and Prevent Inflammation and then schedule your complimentary consultation today for your optimal cleaning schedule..

Take control of your oral health today

To learn more about gum disease, gingivitis and what your optimal teeth cleaning schedule needs to be, contact us today and get started. For more on dental myths, enjoy this Dental Care Myths and Facts sheet by Health Partners.

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