Your Body Is Your Biggest Investment

Last week I saw a new patient who was 59 years old. He was in sales and it seemed that he lived and breathed for the next sale. His blood pressure was 194/114 with a pulse of 121 and he said he had just consumed a Red Bull energy drink. Because of his current state of health, I was not able to treat him.

Your body is your biggest investment that you will ever have in your lifetime.

We all know people who spend more time and more money on their cars or homes than they do their own bodies. The fuel you put into your body will determine how well it performs, buffers and eliminates the burden of acidic and toxic chemicals.

Red Bull is not a sustainable fuel to maintain a healthy and functioning body. As shown by this patient, it spiked his pulse and blood pressure. It also wreaks havoc on teeth because of its high sugar content. People who consume energy drinks and have poor diets are much more likely to experience issues with their oral health than others.

The more you care for your body, the less pain you’ll be in and you won’t experience as many medical issues. “Your body is your temple” may sound cliche but it’s true!

Your body is your biggest investment and if you don’t take care of your oral health you’ll find yourself in a world of pain further down the line.

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