27e8e39f-9fe4-41da-a3bd-b6f97f8df154_zpsd0522672Making our way through this toxic world can be difficult. The safety and labeling laws in our country are too relaxed and we must become educated consumers ourselves.

You may hold onto toxins longer than average if you have:

• A diet high in sugar

• A diet low in protein

• A heavy metal presence

You can control your diet and supplement where needed. We all feel better when we eat less sugar or foods that convert to sugar (breads and carbohydrates in general). To avoid a heavy metal presence, make sure that any new dentistry is metal-free whenever possible to decrease your risk for holding onto toxins.

Muscle testing is great way to determine if the foods or substances you are considering for your body are compatible with you. At Incredible Smiles we offer muscle testing and use materials that are bio-compatible for most people. If in doubt – muscle test!