Why do you need Temporary Veneers?

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The question about Temporary Veneers (Temporaries) invariably comes up during the cosmetic consultation.

If my potential patient does not ask why do we need to do temporary veneers, then I will. The Temporaries are critical to the entire process.

First, the Temporaries are essential to protect the underlying tooth structure. Without them teeth would be sensitive and not esthetic left without  protection. They also hold the position for the future final veneers. The veneer process requires a dental lab to create the final veneers and is generally 4-5 weeks.

Before temporary veneers are put on patients teeth

Second, the Temporaries are the patient’s way to communicate with me. Rarely is there communication regarding something the patient does not like but it can happen. For instance, the person wearing the Temporaries may prefer a longer or shorter length or perhaps a warmer or brighter color than what was created in the temporaries. Relaying this information to me is all that is required and then I can communicate with my lab. Occasionally we have another visit to make minor changes to the temporaries for a more detailed conversation.

Temporary veneers allow you to feel confident while waiting for your custom veneers to be made for you.

Most cosmetic enhancements involve adding length.  This is what happened for Lynette. You can see this in the before and after photos of her teeth with the Temporaries. We know the Temporaries are not perfect. The veneers will have added symmetry and final esthetic improvements.

Lynette also traveled to Canada while wearing her temporaries to see her mother.  Temporaries are strong and can last many months.  Lynette is confident in her smile now — something she has been wanting for years.

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