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Sleep apnea solutions at Incredible Smiles

Sleep apnea solutions

We have had extensive training in Sleep Apnea. Increasing oxygen is very important so you can wake up feeling rested, feel less depressed and even improve blood pressure. We do have alternatives to CPAP. We screen every new client for sleep apnea.

Hello and welcome my name is Dr. Lori Kemmet founder and owner of Incredible Smiles. Maybe you have heard about sleep apnea?  Maybe you were wondering if you have it.  Most people associate sleep apnea was snoring men or with people who are overweight. While that can be true, I have personally seen females with sleep apnea. At incredible smiles we make it our business to know about sleep apnea. I have personally had over 300 hours training in this area alone.  Why? Because it affects more than half of my patients and because I hear firsthand what a difference sleeping well and feeling rested does to increase the pleasure in one’s life.

Sleep apnea is a reduction of airflow into the body but sometimes there’s actually occlusions where a complete closure of the airway exists. At my office we are able to send you away with a home sleep study device so you can know exactly what is happening while you sleep within days. This information is gathered and shared with you so we can come up with solutions.

Sometime solutions involve a visit to a sleep physician. Yes, we are associated with doctors that are sleep physicians and yes we have alternatives to CPAP.  CPAP is the mask that forces air into your body. We do take sleep apnea seriously and yes  we screen every new client for sleep apnea. Increasing the quality of life is important and this may be adding years to your life. Yes sleep apnea Is life-threatening. I have helped many people sleep better and these people have said that when they sleep better and feel rested they noticed no longer feeling depressed. People are finally able to lose weight. They feel happier and they have lower blood pressure. Some patients have even stopped taking medication for depression and high blood pressure.

Allow me and my team to help you figure out your level of sleep apnea. To learn more about sleep apnea visit my website at incredible or call 303-499-0013 to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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