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Looking for a new dentist?

Looking for a new dentist?

Maybe you are without a dental home? Who can I trust? How will I know that this new dental office is quality oriented? We have a complimentary consultation so you have the opportunity to check us out without any strings attached. Interview us to see if we are a fit for you!

Hello and Welcome to incredible smiles. My name is Dr. Lori Kemmet, founder and owner of incredible smiles. Many people today find themselves without a dental home. For some reason they are now in search of a new dentist but the idea of searching for one is daunting. You might be wondering who can I trust? How will I know if they are quality oriented? What if they don’t care about my comfort?

I can say with confidence that I have a positive answer to all those questions. But why would you believe me? That is why I created our complimentary consultation. We have been doing this for about 15 years and it works. It works because we give you the opportunity to check us out with no strings attached. During this time you have the opportunity to meet with my team. You can have a tour of our office, drink coffee or tea and share your desires or maybe concerns with us. This is your chance to interview us. We can talk specifics with you or just have a general conversation.

Why not take the next step, no strings attached, to find a new dental home? You will feel the difference – I promise. If you prefer email look in the upper right-hand corner of our homepage and send us an e-mail.  You can visit us at incredible or to schedule your complimentary consultation call us at 303-499-0013. We look forward to meeting you.

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