Top Things Women Notice About Men

Hey guys… do you ever wonder what women notice about you first? It should come as no surprise that your smile is one of the first things people notice.

According to the article, First 10 Things a Woman Notices about a Man, published by, smile ranked #2. I know guys . . . hard to believe that smile is ranked so high right? Your smile ranks higher on the list than how you smell and your voice.

So a little bit about the top 5 and why I agree:
    • Face – Are you neatly shaven, is your complexion clear, do you have a double chin, do you smile?
    • Your Smile – Are you proud of your smile? Or are you hiding because of chipped, worn or yellow teeth? Wondering what can be done? We would love to help! It might be as simple as reshaping, whitening or veneers.
    • Silhouette – Are you trim or full? Women are drawn to a masculine silhouette.
    • Wardrobe – Is your wardrobe up to date and does it have variety? Do you dress more mature if you want to settle down?
    • Style – Personally I think your smile is your biggest style asset. How are your shoes, hairstyle, glasses? Up to date? A watch is a fine accessory. But you get big style points for a smile. your smile opens doors as soon as you flash it.
I hope you feel confident enough to show your smile.

A smile that is hesitant is not stylish, and it’s holding you back from your full potential in relationships of all kinds: work, personal, family, etc. At Incredible Smiles we are smile experts and we can fix anything – we promise! Contact us to set up your complimentary consultation today!

At Incredible Smiles we are smile experts, and we can fix anything – we promise!

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