TMJ Treatment & Neuromuscular Dentistry

Is TMJ treatment right for you?

Statistically speaking, most people will experience some type of TMJ disorder and suffer from the attributing symptoms at some point in their lifetime. In the United States alone, over ten million adults suffer from TMJ Syndrome. Thankfully, as knowledge around the condition has grown, so have the treatment options and you can now get non-surgical TMJ Treatment to get rid of the issue. But how do you know if you have it? TMJ Symptoms can include headaches, neck and shoulder pain, jaw pain, clicking or popping in the jaw, and tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

Recently, our client Diane came to us, suffering from migraines and TMJ pain. She was seeking TMJ treatments to help relieve this pain. We performed full mouth reconstruction, or neuromuscular dentistry, with her. To put it in basic terms, neuromuscular dentistry (NMD) places the jaw into its optimal position, relieving the symptoms associated with TMJ. In Diane’s case, we worked on every tooth in her mouth to increase her vertical dimension, which is the space between the nose and chin. We basically increased the length of her teeth, thus increasing her vertical dimension.

As a result, her migraines have decreased significantly and she now has most of her hearing back in one ear. And check out the incredible pictures…not only have the painful symptoms decreased, but she also has a beautifully enhanced smile!

NMD considers how your teeth, muscles and joints interact and helps to ensure that they are working in harmony. So if your bite isn’t right, the muscles become tight and the pain will ignite. If you’re suffering from this type of pain, a neuromuscular dentist may be able to help you.

Is TMJ treatment right for you? If you're suffering from symptoms associated with TMJ, a neuromuscular dentist may be able to help you.

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