TMJ pain is affecting a larger percentage of the population with more people searching ‘tmj doctor near me‘ online than ever before! Why is that? There are many reasons:

1. As a society, we live faster paced lives and have more stress. This stress often plays out with clenching and grinding of teeth. This will over time stress the joint and close it so that it no longer has the full spacing it once did – to read more about teeth grinding visit Rally Health or speak with your local dentist.

2. The bite may no longer be supported like it once was when all your permanent teeth came into your mouth – you may have lost teeth in the back of your mouth (closer to the joint) and this loss of support causes collapse of the bite and therefore collapse of the joint spacing.

3. Muscle spasm is likely triggering pain. Most pain is muscular in nature and is caused from shortened muscles that do not receive the proper oxygen. These muscles need to be lengthened and relaxed.

With neuro-muscular dentistry this is exactly what we do at Incredible Smiles. We relax muscles and determine the best bite possible. This new bite gives length to muscles and calms the spasm. The new bite also gives the much needed spacing to the joint. The result is relief !

Common symptoms of TMJ: pain in the joint, rininging in the ears, seeing stars, numb fingertips, neck and shoulder pain.

Schedule a complimentary consultation if you are experiencying anything like this. We would love to meet with you.