IS_teamWhen a new patient comes into our office, we often hear about why they are looking for a new dentist. Last week a man named Jared told me about an upsetting experience in a periodontist’s office in which the dentist yelled at his assistant over a simple need for a hand mirror. Jared asked me for a referral to another periodontist.

Little things make all the difference. At Incredible Smiles, we take care of the details so you can be assured of a great experience with a high level of customer service. Why do we offer the extras like paraffin hand wax, Bose sound-canceling headphones, Pandora music, blankets and more? Why not? It is so easy, and if it makes your visit more comfortable, our team says, “Yes, lets do it.”

Heather Vanderwal has been employed at Incredible Smiles for nine years. She just completed Invisalign clear braces to straighten her teeth and is now wearing orthodontic retainers to hold her teeth in their new position. She believes in the services we offer so much that she offers them to her patients. Here is Heather talking about why she works at Incredible Smiles.

Our team is not only trained to make sure you’re comfortable.They also spend many hours taking continuing education classes. All of us are updating our education continually so that we provide the latest information for our patients.

Maybe you are considering a new team for your dental care? Maybe you have had an upsetting experience with one team member and are hesitant to return to your dental office? It’s ok. We can make the switch easy for you. Allow us to request your most recent records or just start fresh with new dental x-rays and an exam. We are here to serve you, and dentistry should be easy. In fact, our patients tell us that they look forward to their next visit!