The Power of an Incredible Smile

The Power of an Incredible Smile

Did you know that UC Berkeley conducted a 30-year study that examined the smiles of students in an old yearbook and measured their well-being and success throughout their lives? By measuring the smiles in the photographs, the researchers could predict how fulfilling and long-lasting their marriages would be, how highly they would score on standardized tests of well-being and general happiness, and how inspiring they would be to others. The widest smilers consistently ranked highest in all of the above.

We are now on display more than ever – selfies on social media, the front-facing camera on zoom meetings, and the photo we are required to upload if we want any responses to our online dating profile. Sure, we could anonymously lurk on social media and online dating websites, we could even turn off our cameras during meetings. But what would this mean? In a social world, where we are social beings, how we present ourselves to others can impact their impression of us and how we view ourselves.

The confidence carried by an authentic smile, can open doors we didn’t know were closed. Why? Because smiling is evolutionarily contagious. We have a subconscious urge to smile when we see one. Whether it is meeting a work colleague or a potential love interest on a first date. Falling in love with a smile, and smiling in return, is something that should come naturally.

If you find yourself smiling less than you used to, or feeling less confident about your smile, we are here to help. At Incredible Smiles, we help our guests achieve the smiles of their dreams. “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new” -Socrates

Find the courage to make a change. Whatever that change may be, the team at Incredible Smiles can help you get there. We are here to help you achieve that goal, and open that door. To smile brighter, and more confidently, than you ever have before.


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