The best revenge is to SMILE, and move on.

Many people visit us at Incredible Smiles because they are undergoing some sort of life transition.

Major life transitions require courage and confidence. So it’s a logical conclusion that someone would come to us because they want to transform their smile. A smile can open doors that may seem to be temporarily closed…  closed because of lack of confidence.

One of the most common life transitions we see here at Incredible Smiles are patients going through divorce… thus the ‘revenge smile.’ The upshot here is men and women of a certain age — find themselves back in the dating pool. This can be a scary predicament, especially for someone whose last ‘first date’ took place well before eHarmony—or email, was even invented.

Some events are beyond our control, but proverbial ‘sh*t happens.’  It’s inevitable. And we all know that one of the few things we CAN control is our attitude, and our personal perspective on things.

A smile can open doors…

Are you comfortable with your smile? If the answer is “no,” you may not be as approachable as you’d like to be. Maybe you’d like to reclaim your smile from your youth, a smile that you are proud of… a smile that you are willing be more generous with. After all, smiles do open doors!

Now, can you help us think of a better name for the ‘revenge smile’ — something a little more positive?  

Get-Even Smile?  No…  Get-a-New-Partner Smile? That works.  Get-a-New-Job Smile? That works too!

I have encountered some unique situations in my thirty years of performing cosmetic dentistry. And I have transformed many smiles. Being a dentist, I find things can get a little personal… and patients tend to share their stories. Some are funny, some are more poignant. But they all have a similar common denominator. We want to connect, to be seen — and to feel validated. And especially during major life transitions, we want to put our best foot forward.

Acceptance and validation is only possible if we feel good about ourselves, first.
FInd a new partner smile aka 'revenge smile' from Incredible Smiles in Boulder, CO
A healthy smile can open doors.

While I do not offer a magic pill for feeling better about yourself, I can share some anonymous testimonials from patients. Here are a few “requests” I have received over the years.

  • Get a New Partner Smile (aka Revenge Smile) We see equal numbers of women and men come in for the ‘Get a New Partner Smile’ just after a divorce, or even before the paperwork gets signed. It’s a transformative way boost to your confidence (and stick it to your soon-to-be-ex!) This new smile has the added bonus of helping its recipients ease back into the dating scene.
  • Be Competitive in the Job Market Smile  This is also very common. Did you know a new smile can take years off your appearance? If you are hesitant to smile, and it’s affecting your confidence, the investment is small compared to the earnings that might soon come your way from that new job. Get competitive with the younger generation (who are incidentally, vying for jobs in the same market.)
  • The New Lease on Life Smile This one can fall into the other categories, but usually has a story (such as an accident that took place in the past) that tugs at the heartstrings. The recipient has finally reached a place in life where they can do something about an imperfection, or major problem that has plagued them for years. The emotion and sheer joy associated with this type of smile enhancement is profoundly evident.
  • Mail Order Bride Smile This is not really in the ‘Revenge Smile’ category, but rather the Get a New Partner Smile category. We see this about once every five years. Cut to the end: the Russian bride gets her new smile — and because she feels so empowered and confident, she leaves the purchaser in the dust!
What will you call your new smile?

As the well known comedian Jerry Seinfeld said, “The best revenge is living well.” And that starts with confidence. Having the confidence to take a risk, and put oneself out there. And being vulnerable enough to care about, and connect with others. This is my favorite aspect of my profession. I love to help people feel more confident about themselves. I’ve seen it happen time and time again, with every new smile transformation.

Isn’t it time to put your best foot forward, and give ’em your best ______ SMILE?!

There are many different services associated with cosmetic dentistry. We can fix just about anything! At Incredible Smiles we use the most up-to-date procedures and technology. Sometimes it’s as simple as whitening, or Invisalign, or a combination of services that might benefit a patient. The initial consultation is free, so why not book an appointment, and find out how we can help you feel better about your smile?

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