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Did you know we provide consultations at no charge for anyone who is curious about what Incredible Smiles can do for them? Maybe you are missing a tooth and the idea of removing your mask is unnerving. Perhaps you’re overdue for a cleaning. It’s important to have your teeth checked regularly, problems can be found early and save you time, pain and money.

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Take your mask off!

Eye care product sales are up, grandparents are back in the hugging business and even though we are all masked up – oral care is one of the 2021 beauty trends to watch while toothpaste could be the next line of defense in reducing viral load. As we begin to emerge from the quarantine and isolation of the pandemic – let’s reflect on a few of the trends; both past and present.

Oral care is one of the expected trends for 2021 – so get ready to take your mask off with confidence.

Getting back into the dating scene? Looking forward to visiting your favorite restaurant? Meeting your friends for a drink? Excited to see real people in person? We are taking the masks off and seeing what has been covered up for all of 2020…what’s behind your mask? While eye care products sky-rocketed in sales in 2020, it is anticipated that people will want to get their smile all spruced up in 2021 and Incredible Smiles is ready to do just that – spruce up your smile.

Grandparents are smiling again

Post-vaccination gatherings are happening all over the world and none are more exciting than grandparents who have not seen their little ones for over a year in person. Spending time together virtually has been a fantastic way to keep in touch, but nothing beats the hug of a grandchild or child in person. Hugs, tears and smiles abound during these reunions while cameras are capturing every moment. Get your smile ready to connect.

Grandparents have a reunion with their grandchildren take your mask off with confidence and schedule your healthy smile today at Incredible Smiles

Oral hygiene may slow viral transmission

In November 2020, Colgate Palmolive labs announced a clinical research project that was underway to validate the potential of oral health products to slow the spread of the virus that causes Covid-19. In their press release titled, “Colgate Laboratory Tests Show Toothpaste and Mouthwash Neutralize 99.9% of the Virus That Causes COVID-19” Colgate states that “ The results suggest that some toothpastes and mouthwashes may help reduce the spread of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, by temporarily reducing the amount of virus in the mouth.”  All the better reason to keep up your oral hygiene practices even when you may only be seeing people online, or have your smile hidden behind a mask.

Take your mask off with confidence and show off your healthy smile from Incredible Smiles contact Dr. Lori Kemmet today

What’s behind your mask?

Make that first lasting impression again with a healthy vibrant smile. Take your mask off with confidence and show off your new incredible smile.

Take your mask off with confidence…be a trend-setter…

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