Straight Teeth for Better Health

When you go to the dentist, they look for a number of things – tartar buildup, missing fillings, signs of gum disease, and cavities. But they also look at the straightness of your teeth.

Did you know that straight teeth can help improve your health?

Straight teeth can truly enhance our smile and help us to make a great first impression. But straight teeth can be more than just an ego boost. Straight teeth can also be great for your health! When your teeth are aligned properly it makes for easier flossing and brushing. We can easily access all the surfaces of our teeth and fight off decay more thoroughly. A spic and span mouth directly correlates to healthier insides by lowering the bacteria in our mouth that leads to periodontal disease and heart disease.

Straight teeth also give us our ideal bite, or the way in which our teeth fit together when we bite down. This helps us chew properly and efficiently which leads to better digestive health. The enzymes in your mouth along with proper chewing help break up food and assist with digestion. Your body can then more efficiently access the nutrients it needs. Regardless of how much we try to take care of our teeth, we still find that we need the help of a dental practice to ensure that we are keeping up with our oral hygiene.

King George VI of Britain did not have the advantage of orthodontic treatment prior to his famous speech, but you can take advantage of this technology to perfect your speaking. Straight teeth play a big part in our ability to pronounce words properly. Certain letters can be pronounced correctly only when the tongue makes contact with properly aligned teeth.

Young children should be evaluated by their general dentist to see if a referral to an Orthodontist is necessary. Invisalign is also an option for some. Invisalign is a series of clear plastic aligners that are changed out every 2 weeks until the teeth reach the proper position. Brilliant! Whether you need big changes or just smaller adjustments to properly align your teeth, it is an investment in your health that is priceless!

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