Why Remove Mercury Fillings from your Teeth?

Every day thousands of mercury (amalgam) fillings are removed from teeth all over the world.

So why remove mercury fillings?

Metal Toxicity – Mercury is toxic! Exposure to mercury can lead to problems in the brain, heart, kidneys and gut. Some studies show mercury exposure can lead to symptoms like fatigue, irritability, poor concentration and headaches.

Amalgam Fillings Crack Teeth – Show me a mercury filing and I will show you one that expands and contracts just like mercury in an old-fashioned thermometer! Natural tooth structure is not built to withstand these stresses, so we see cracks and fractures associated with mercury fillings.

Mercury Fillings are Ugly – The last time I checked no one was asking me for grey teeth. Everyone today is looking for a naturally white smile. Grey is not the new white.

Another Great Choice – Today we have an alternative to mercury fillings: Composite fillings bond to teeth and can enhance a tooth that is compromised by cracks and fractures. Unlike mercury fillings that weaken teeth, composite can actually enhance the strength of a tooth.

We remove mercury fillings every day. We have your health in mind. At Incredible Smiles we have adopted the Best Management Practices (BMP’s) and have installed an amalgam separator. We are interested not only in the health of our guests but in keeping Boulder’s water safe and uncontaminated from mercury! Ask us about our special protocol for mercury removal!


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