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At Incredible Smiles we enhance smiles every day with cosmetic porcelain veneers austin. Crystal wanted to improve her smile. She wanted to fill the spaces, make her teeth brighter, whiter, longer and larger.

She was not sure she could trust her existing dentist because she knew that he did veneers and cosmetic enhancements sporadically. After her free cosmetic consult she felt more confident about taking the next step. Crystal then came in for an exam and we discussed shade, shape, and color in more detail. We also made sure the foundation of her teeth and tissue was healthy prior to proceed with the enhancement. Patients do need to be aware that veneers can break for a number of reasons and this must be discussed first and foremost with their dentist.

Crustal left with beautiful temporary veneers. These temporaries were our communication tool to help insure that we had the shape, length and shade correct for her. We always tell our guests, “If you are happy with your temporaries, you will love the final veneers.” We also tell our guests to use the waterpik daily while the temporaries are on to maintain tissue health.

Four weeks later Crystal returned to our office for the removal of her temporaries. We tried in the final restorations (veneers) and made sure the fit and esthetics was ideal. Crystal gave us a thumbs up during the try in and then we bonded the veneers permanently to her teeth. Eight veneers we placed in just an hour. Crystal returned to us for slight adjustments to her bite and contouring of the veneers.
Her picture tells the story – she loves her new Incredible Smile.

When considering a cosmetic enhancement look for a dentist who has before and after photos of their own work. Stock photography on a website or in the office may be a sign that it is not a common part of their practice.

Practice makes perfect. Trust your smile enhancement with someone who does this type of treatment every day.

Veneers have helped so many people achieve an Incredible smile. We can help you too!


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