I have learned from personal experience that oil pulling does work. Was I skeptical? Yes. Given that I had some room for improvement with my periodontal pockets I decided to give this a try. Since my last periodontal charting, my numbers improved over 40 percent!

coconutFor exactly one month prior to my next visit with one of my hygienists I took the plunge every morning with my teaspoon into the Unrefined Organic Coconut Oil jar. Yes, I discovered the hard way that 1 Tablespoon was way too much. Use 1 teaspoon or less.

How to Pull Oil
For 20 minutes each morning, swish and pull the oil between your teeth just like a mouthwash! Just keep it moving while you are in the shower, getting dressed, packing your lunch, etc. The 20 minutes flies by! Remember to spit into your waste basket—not your sink. The oil will solidify once it cools.

Try oil pulling and get your numbers checked by your hygienist. We have a summary of improvement in our computer software that looks like this:

Periodontal Charting Numbers

I hope your numbers improve! Remember 1,2,3’s are healthy! I always tell our clients that tissue measurements are like your report card for how well you care for your mouth. You should have no mouth odor and no bleeding—healthy tissue does not bleed!
1,2,3’s = Healthy
4 = B
5 = C
6 = D
7+ = Take this very seriously and you may want to consider seeing a periodontist (tissue specialist).

Discover Your Mouth’s Health
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