No More Metal Braces? Myobrace Offers Excellent Holistic Alternative

We live in a world where most people expect to have metal braces at some point in life. Some children and adults see braces as a right of passage, or symbol of status. (My parents can afford these.) But what if these metal braces were rarely needed? Is Myobrace the future we need?

Could there be a trend toward something different?

Parents are asking for alternatives to traditional braces. First we had invisible braces like Ortho Clear and Invisalign. These products do a great job of straightening teeth, but little for arch development and nothing for correcting bad habits. Enter Myobrace, a system that helps with: habit correction, arch development, and tooth position and alignment.

The company promises to catch the things that make kids’ teeth crooked in the first place… by addressing two patterns that create crooked teeth, mouth breathing and incorrect swallowing.”

Myobrace originated in Australia and is now establishing its presence in the United States. The company promises to “catch the things that make kids’ teeth crooked in the first place and catch them early.” Myobrace does this by addressing two main patterns that create crooked teeth: mouth breathing and incorrect swallowing. Converting mouth breathers to nose breathers and correcting swallowing habits creates a setting for Myobrace success.

What is Mouth Breathing?

Nose breathers keep their lips together and posture the tongue into the palate.  When the tongue postures in the palate with the tip of the tongue just behind the front teeth, the upper teeth spread wide and form a perfect “U” shape arch.

The problem with mouth breathing is that the tongue is in the wrong place. The tongue does not rest in the palate and will either rest between the teeth or into the lower jaw. The upper teeth have no support, and the cheek muscles push the teeth in, creating a narrow arch, and smile.

What is a Poor Swallow?

A good swallow occurs with the teeth together so the tongue is in the palate, where it does its job of supporting the teeth and shaping the arch. When the tongue is placed between the teeth or rests between the lower teeth during the swallow, the tongue’s bracing support of the upper teeth goes away. It’s never too late to swallow with your teeth together, but it’s especially important during young people’s critical developmental stages.

Why Choose Myobrace?

Myobrace, combined with correct swallowing and correct breathing patterns, will develop full arches like the image on the left, and eliminates the need for braces in most cases. Dental professionals often see people with poor breathing and/or swallowing habits, as shown in the image on the right. optimal arch versus narrow arch form

This narrow arch form cannot be corrected with traditional metal braces. The crooked teeth can be made straight, but the arch form will still be narrow.

The Myobrace system advantages:
  • habit correction
  • arch development
  • tooth position and alignment

Schedule a free consultation with Dr. Lori Kemmet, DDS at Incredible Smiles, in Boulder to see if Myobrace is an option for you. Dr. Kemmet has an in-depth understanding of the benefits of treating with Myobrace.

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