Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies

I recently returned from the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI), where I have been honored to have been an instructor for the past 13 years. Located in Las Vegas, NV, LVI is one of three global centers for live-patient, post-graduate dental instruction. It is recognized for educating the best cosmetic and neuromuscular dentists. These student dentists attend the institute from all around the U.S., Canada, and even as far as Europe and Australia in order to continue their education and further their know-how in their field. LVI’s full-time and visiting faculty and clinical instructors offer dentists and their teams a broad curriculum and training which they can take back and incorporate into their own practices.

Most recently, I was at LVI as a clinical instructor in the Core VII program. This is the final of seven core programs offered at LVI. This program teaches attendees to correctly diagnose complex occlusal and restorative indicators, through to ensuring patient comfort. I was there to instruct the students on how to perform full mouth reconstruction with their live patients. Restorative dentistry is something we specialize in at Incredible Smiles so it was an honor to be able to reflect to the dentist students at LVI what I consider to be of utmost importance – the care and treatment that restorative dentists should provide to their patients.

Patient care and comfort is something we take very seriously at Incredible Smiles. Instructing in this course allowed me to communicate to others in my field how they can also optimally treat every patient in their practices.

For more information about restorative dentistry offered at Incredible Smiles, please call 303-499-0013.

Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies.

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