Is your smile holding you back?

At Incredible Smiles we often hear during consultations how our clients feel self conscious about their smiles. Many clients come to us for consults because they are in the midst of a major life change…

“I’m going through a divorce,” or “I haven’t found that special someone, and I think my smile might be holding me back.”

So we talk about options… it doesn’t have to be one thing that’s the answer for their smile. Dr. Kemmet loves getting creative about providing personalized options for her patients. Maybe you would benefit from Invisalign teeth straightening, or veneers, or whitening — or a combination of services to enhance your smile.

Each and every smile we design is unique to the individual.

Each and every smile we design is unique to the individual. Your personality, lifestyle and facial features all play a role when redesigning your smile. For example, it is important to consider which shade of white might best compliment a client’s skin tone. Both shade, and degree of translucency that allows light to pass through your teeth, are important considerations when it comes to creating a natural look.

Science, technology and artistic ability combine to create beautiful smiles.

Dr. Kemmet not only has the expertise, but she is truly passionate about her work. She will take the time to discuss options and help you uncover the best solutions to enhance your smile. It’s important to Dr. Kemmet to establish trust, and make her patients feel comfortable and cared for. She is skilled at helping her clients envision the outcome. Listen to Dr. Kemmet’s clients share their experiences  — and most of all, how it feels to have a smile that they’re proud of.

We want to help our clients feel more confident.

There is no one-size-fits-all, and Dr. Lori Kemmet is happy to provide a variety of dentistry options, and the latest technological advancements to help you find your most dazzling smile. Don’t put it off any longer. That new job… this next phase in life… that potential special someone… your loved ones — all deserve your incredible smile!

Schedule your free consultation today. Or give us a call at 303-499-0013 and we can customize a plan.

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