How Veneers Fix Cracked, Chipped, and Worn Teeth

We have had many guests come into our Incredible Smiles office with concerns about their chipped, cracked or worn teeth. Whether it’s the result of an accident, a hereditary issue, or just the simple wear and tear that comes with age, living with these issues can be a major hit to your self-confidence. That’s where veneers for damaged teeth come in.

This solution focuses on enhancing your appearance while also improving your overall oral health. Veneers provide an effective solution to consider as they can transform the outside of your natural teeth, giving you a protective layer that is both visually attractive and offers improved functionality.

The Miracle of Veneers for Damaged Teeth

veneers for damaged teethThe application of veneers doesn’t pigeonhole into addressing one issue alone. It’s their multi-faceted approach that sets them apart, making them a sought-after method in restorative dentistry. Our signature veneers are specially crafted, medical-grade porcelain that are custom-made to fit over your natural teeth, covering any damage or imperfections. Think of veneers as tiny porcelain shields that, despite being thin, possess a remarkable degree of strength.

One of our guests, came in after getting into an accident:

“I lost my top four front teeth in an accident and was afraid that I would never look the same. Now I have an even brighter, straighter smile and I feel so confident and happy thanks to the Incredible Smiles team!”

Durability and Longevity of Veneers

Veneers are valued for their durability and longevity. With proper care and regular dental check-ups, they can last anywhere between 10 to 15 years, sometimes even longer. They are resistant to staining and chipping, ensuring that your smile remains bright and flawless for a long, hearty while.

The Aesthetic Appeal of Veneers

Veneers don’t just address functional problems—they significantly enhance the aesthetics of your smile. Dr. Uppal will sculpt, shape, and color-match each veneer to blend perfectly with the rest of your teeth. The cosmetic enhancement looks natural and authentic to you.

Functional Improvements

Although veneers are often considered a cosmetic procedure, they also offer key functional benefits. These include:

  • Restoring damaged enamel: Over time, the enamel on our teeth can wear away due to clenching, grinding, or consumption of highly acidic foods and drinks. Worn teeth can also look short and stained, which impacts your bite alignment, leading to further dental issues. Veneers help restore this protective layer, ensuring your teeth are well defended against everyday wear and tear.
  • Correcting structural issues: Veneers can correct the external shape of a tooth that has been chipped, cracked, or subjected to decay. Treating your smile with veneers can also treat underlying structural issues, allowing for a more comfortable and balanced bite.
  • Improving comfort: Damaged teeth can cause discomfort or sensitivity when consuming hot or cold meals. Cracks in teeth can range from surface crazing to deep fractures. Such damage can expose the inner sensitive layers of your teeth, resulting in discomfort or even severe pain. Veneers act as protective barriers, mitigating any discomfort.

The miracle of veneers lies in their robust ability to revive both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your teeth. They can prevent additional damage and restore your bite while adding strength. On top of that, they offer immediate visual transformation.

Take the First Step Towards Your Incredible Smile

At Incredible Smiles, our vast experience in dental veneer treatment through precision and artistry will result in an enhanced version of you!  We invite you to schedule a free consultation with us. After all, every incredible journey starts with a single step, and this could be yours towards a brighter, bolder, and more incredible smile.

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