How to Use Your Waterpik

Optimal Oral Home Care and Immunity- How to Use Your Waterpik

Regardless of what is going on in the current environment with our attention on a virus, keeping our immunity strong is more important than ever. Will you prevent contracting an illness because your tissue health is optimal? Probably not.  However immunity is a compounding event with so many factors influencing susceptibility.

For instance, we occasionally screen a patient for periodontal disease, aka – unhealthy tissue, prior to heart surgery.  In simple terms the plaque in your mouth is like the plaque in your arteries.

Decrease plaque and tissue infection in your mouth and watch heart health improve.

The immune system strengthens when overall health improves.  I can recall a handful of times over the years that one of our patients had to improve their oral health and this delayed their heart surgery.

If you are a patient at Incredible Smiles, you have heard us say, “healthy tissue doesn’t bleed” or “our healthiest patients brush, floss and use a Waterpik”. By the way, using a Waterpik is not a substitute for flossing and flossing is not a substitute for the Waterpik. 

Our healthiest patients do all three – brush, floss, Waterpik.  And we know that most of you have a Waterpik and are not using it! Pull it out from under the counter and some of you need to take it out of the box!.

Now, use it – it’s that simple.

We are sharing a video that was sent to our patient who lives in Florida. She was having tooth pain but after further discovery we realized that it was related to her tissue health and her lack of home care, not her tooth. It’s why when you call us about tooth sensitivity we will often tell you to use warm salt water rinses because often it is the tissue that needs therapy not the tooth. We know that bacteria grows in an acidic environment. Salt water balances the pH to a more alkaline environment. Oh, and anywhere you have an implant using the Waterpik is essential for the longevity of your implant.

This is my at home, how to use a Waterpik video  – one take – in my bathroom at home. I thought, if I can share it with Chris in Florida, why not share it with all of you.

Quick Guide to using a Waterpik:

  1. Warm water in the well.
  2. Set the dial to 4,5 or 6 (10 is not best)
  3. Use the standard pik that you see on the box
  4.  Go Slow – pausing between the teeth (more attention around implants)
  5. Brush and floss first – if you have a different order it’s OK.

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