Hi-Def Dentistry: 3D Technology for Your Teeth!

Thinking about restorative dentistry, but concerned about gagging on impressions at the dental office? Our office is the first in Colorado to have the iTero™ 3d digital scanner. We employ the use of this technology to impression for crowns and Invisalign. It’s 3D Technology for Your Teeth!

Before digital imaging, patients needing impressions to fit a dental restoration had to tolerate uncomfortable trays of thick impression gel. Taking conventional impressions was an unpleasant process that could sometimes produce flawed results and necessitate a second round of impressions.

Cadent iTero™ digital impression system enables us to take a digital scan of the patient’s teeth and bite, making any necessary adjustments in real-time. This type of digital precision eliminates the need to re-impress patients and removes imprecision that is common to conventional impression materials.

Not only are traditional impressions minimized, but the scan is digital, and digital equals accuracy! The technology used in handheld 3d scanner devices is very advanced and so is ideal for professional use in dentistry and other medical applications. Because the images are so accurate, the need for multiple office visits to obtain satisfactory impressions is completely eliminated.

If you have any questions about iTero™ 3D technology for Your teeth or how restorative dentistry can transform your smile, call us today!

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