Hey Boulder What Are You Drinking, Kombucha?

Hey Boulder what are you drinking? NO KOMBUCHA, causes cavities and erosion in your mouth

Case study:

Patient since 12 years old, 20 years later at a regular checkup with x-rays:

Doctor: Kelly you have 16 cavities.
Patient: That can’t be – I’ve never had a cavity. I brush, floss, Waterpik.
Doctor: What are you drinking?
Patient: I’m addicted to Kombucha.
Doctor: So is the rest of Boulder, please stop.
Patient: I will, today!

This conversation happens every week in our Incredible Smiles office.  We are finding cavities almost daily as the result of kombucha consumption.  It’s our #1 question now when we find cavities.

But what about all the benefits?  Really?  You would risk your teeth eroding, needing fillings, teeth becoming sensitive and teeth staining for the probiotic benefit? 

Take a pill instead.

Boulder – you don’t drink soda or smoke cigarettes because you know that’s bad for you.  Look at your label for sugar quantity and remember that the acidity is accelerating tooth erosion.  That’s not all that is going on with kombucha!

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