Giving Back

In the wake of the tragic news of retired Colorado dentist, Dr. Thomas Grams, who was ambushed and killed in Afghanistan’s Badakhshan Province while providing dental aid to poverty-stricken areas, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the act of Giving Back. Dr. Grams was a member of a twelve-member group called the International Assistance Mission (IAM) which travels to countries such as India, Nepal, and Afghanistan.

Without electricity or a generator, Dr. Grams would set up clinics or walk by foot with a dental cart and lawn chair to provide dental care to destitute countrymen. He made the ultimate sacrifice two weeks ago when 10 out of the 12 members of his team were ambushed and killed by the Taliban, who claim the group were spies and trying to convert Muslims to Christianity.

I, like Thomas, grew up in Minnesota and migrated to Colorado to start my career. Throughout almost 20 years as a dentist, I have made it a priority to Give Back to the less fortunate, the environment, wildlife preservation, and children. Some of our charities include the following:

Wildlife Animal Sanctuary
A Precious Child
Rocky Mountain Special Hockey Inc.
Denver Active 20-30 Children’s Foundation
A Precious Child
Give Back a Smile
Mesa Elementary
Emergency Family Assistance Association
Ride for the Rockies (Denver Children’s Hospital)
Partners for a Clean Environment
Colorado Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped
Voices for Children

Join us in Giving Back.

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