Brushing questions?

Brushing questions: too hard, too soft, not enough?

So here is the deal; almost everyone has had these brushing questions before: How many times do I need to brush? How long? Which toothbrush/toothpaste? How hard/soft?  Each person has different dental needs, and that is what determines the answer to these questions. My general answer is to just go back to the basics. Most of us know that it is recommended by dentists to brush 2-3 times per day and floss 1 time per day. Having gingivitis or periodontal disease will also alter this routine. Let’s face it, some of us have to work harder at things than others; that is the way life goes.

My recommendations to the general person are to use a soft bristle brush and be thorough but not rough.  Brush at least 2 times a day for 2 minutes or more. As for toothpaste, use what tastes good to you. There is no such thing as a “miracle paste” that will be the cure-all. The efficiency is in the physical motion of the brush.  Use circular motions with your toothbrush at the gum line, and only focus on a few teeth at a time.  We also recommend and see great results with electric toothbrushes.

Next time you see your dental hygienist, get some advice on the proper way to achieve the best results with electric toothbrushes. The key to successful oral health is consistency and frequency. And do not neglect your regular teeth cleaning at your general dentist!

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