Getting a Second Dental Opinion

Many of our first-time guests coming in for a complimentary dental consultation are coming to see us for a second opinion about proposed dentistry. The reasons are vast and vary from something not feeling quite right to a curiosity about Dr. Lori Kemmet and what we can accomplish here at Incredible Smiles.

Are you confused about how to proceed with dental care? Have you postponed necessary dental treatment because something just didn’t feel right about moving forward? Does your dental condition continue to worsen while you sit and worry about finding the “right” office? Are the answers to your questions or description of treatment not making sense to you?

Here at Incredible Smiles we encourage second opinions and often times promote our consultation guests to go see multiple dentists before choosing the perfect match. Heather, our cosmetic consultant, has been with Dr. Kemmet for over 8 years and is highly capable of asking just the right questions to help you discover if we are the right office for you and answer your multitude of questions as well. Many times Heather discovers that you are on the right path with your current dentist and encourages you to stay in your treatment. Other times she finds that we might be able to offer you something that you could highly benefit from.

Often times, guests are feeling uneasy about moving forward with their cosmetic dentistry or implants because their general dentist does not specialize in cosmetic dentistry or dental implants. We have a list of questions for you to consider asking your general dentist before deciding if it’s the best choice for you. So if you are feeling confused and prolonging dental treatment, the bottom line is… get a second dental opinion! It can never hurt and might actually help you get on your way to an Incredible Smile.

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