Can flossing prolong our lives?

Let’s face it, flossing is a nuisance to most of the population, but the research is proving more and more that flossing can prolong our lives.  The bacteria which hides in between our teeth and below our gums is being linked to cardiovascular disease, low birth weight babies, diabetes, and many other scary conditions.

A large percentage of the general population has some form of gum disease.  If you already have heart issues or diabetes and you don’t take care of your oral health, it puts you at an even higher risk for complications.  The facts are available on the American Dental Association’s website.

The act of flossing takes about one to two minutes and can improve the appearance of our gum tissues, minimize breath odor, decrease harmful bacteria, and make our teeth cleaning a more enjoyable experience.

So take the challenge of flossing daily.  Flossing can prolong our lives and make your mouth a healthier place!

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