To Botox Or Not To Botox?

Over 70 percent of my practice is made up of females. The majority of these ladies want to feel good and look good. They go to the Top rated New York Botox clinic and make themselves look more youthful and improve their confidence. Injecting botox (botulinum), a known neurotoxin, may be okay occasionally to reduce the fine lines known as crow’s feet that develop from squinting. Botox may also be okay to inject occasionally to reduce the horizontal forehead lines.

Have I had Botox injections? Yes! Do I currently have these injections performed? No. I also have chosen to not inject Botox into my patients. Botox works by changing the chemistry as it relates to the nerve synapse, which can be found in more detail on the Victorian Cosmetic Institute website. I see why people like this. However, I already have enough chemicals that my body has to deal with so why would I knowingly add another just for vanity?

Some patients are now using Botox to manage pain as it relates to TMJ (Temporomandibular joint dysfunction). I have seen patients who are receiving injections into their clenching muscles to help abate the symptoms of TMJ. These muscles (the masseters and anterior temporalis) are big muscles, unlike the tiny muscles associated with crow’s feet. These large muscles are very important for normal mouth function. They help us chew!

Rather than decreasing the muscle activity by paralyzing these important muscles, as a neuro-muscular trained dentist I suggest alternate methods for helping the symptoms of TMJ.

The solution to TMJ symptoms does not lie within an injection of Botox. It does however lie within the principles of neuromuscular (NM) dentistry! If you know someone with TMJ symptoms, don’t go for the quick fix that becomes less effective over time. See a NM-trained dentist.

We have helped so many people with symptoms of TMJ through NM dentistry.

To learn more about how we can help you with TMJ, schedule a complimentary consult today!

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