Avita Yoga to Reduce Your Stress

Reduce Your Stress and Aid Your Healing

As a medical professional, I understand the importance that reducing stress has on your physical and mental well-being. Which is why, the team at Incredible Smiles does everything in our power to help you relax when you come in for an appointment. A patient who is relaxed can assist not only the actual dental procedure, but the reduced stress can aid the healing process. From music and meditation to a comfortable environment, we intentionally create an opportunity for your visit to be as free from stress possible.

Current Times Create Stress

The uncertainty and unknown of this time can also induce stress, create anxiety and influence our physical and mental well-being negatively. And, the importance of adding strategies to reduce your stress in your life is more important now than ever before. Extraordinary times call for extraordinary solutions.

Reduce your stress with Avita yoga

Avita Yoga Now and Always

Although the current circumstances will eventually pass into our next “new normal” the strategies to promote your health and well-being can continue. I recently wrote an article about ways for you to strengthen your immune system that will remain relevant always. And, my next tip is the same: a regular yoga practice can not only reduce your stress, it can also help boost your immune system.

Practice Yoga on Your Terms

Yoga is a big part of my life. For many years, I practiced mainly vinyasa style yoga. It worked for a while but I eventually found myself to be a little too competitive for my own good, occasionally injuring myself attempting to keep up with others in the studio.  My husband, Jeff Bailey who had practiced yoga since his early 20’s became dissatisfied with the current trends in yoga and felt like something was missing.

Many years ago, we opened a yoga studio Yoga Loft in Boulder and then opened a second studio in northeast Boulder. Yoga Loft offers a variety of the traditional yoga practices and has added its signature yoga practice – Avita Yoga.  Jeff is the founder of Avita Yoga. People of all ages love this healing and meditative yoga. Avita Yoga is a sustainable practice that restores joint mobility and dissolves negative patterning so that you can enjoy life and the activities you love to do.

Avita Yoga Online – On-demand – Anywhere You Are

With yoga studios closed because of the pandemic world-wide and people isolated at home, strategies to reduce your stress are critical, which is why, I am so excited to let you all know about Avita Yoga Online – yoga on-demand anywhere you are. We know you are busy at home home-schooling, taking care of relatives or just trying to figure out which can of food you are opening for dinner tonight…Avita Yoga Online is there when you are. Each session is filmed within a smaller studio setting so you can follow along with the class participants, or close your eyes and get into the meditation of the practice.

Bring Yoga into Your Life and Reduce Your Stress

Practice when and where you want to. I know – not much choice about that right now. This is for people who travel, or want to practice when it is convenient for them. Jeff created Avita Online so that people can experience Avita Yoga on the go and on demand. Practice when and where you want.

Incredible Smiles Offer:

Visit Avita Yoga Online and use this coupon code “SMILES” for 50% off of your first month of Avita Yoga. Amidst the chaos of life, add yoga into your regular routine, reduce your stress and increase your outlook on life with this healing and meditative practice.

Our Incredible Smiles Team can’t wait to see your smiling faces soon! To schedule a remote consultation complete this contact form and we will be in touch. Until then, stay well – Dr. Lori Kemmet

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