Avita Yoga Now and Always

Avita Yoga Now and Always

By now you know that yoga is a big part of my life. Originally I practiced vinyasa style yoga. It worked for a while but eventually found it to be too competitive (you know the mental dialogue — do I look better in the mirror than them?) and I even found myself injured on occasion. My husband Jeff Bailey, a yoga practitioner since his early 20s, found that he too was not satisfied with the current trends in yoga.

Fast forward to today. We own Yoga Loft in Boulder, CO and the signature yoga we practice is called Avita Yoga®. Jeff is the founder. We offer this healing and meditative yoga to people of all ages. They love it and it is helping them as they isolate through our pandemic. Avita Yoga® is a sustainable practice that restores joint mobility and dissolves negative patterning so that you can enjoy life and the activities you love to do. It is the only yoga I practice now. I hike often, run a little, bike a little, ski sometimes, and do a lot of Avita Yoga. I have been teaching Avita Yoga part time as well (my main profession is dentistry). I have seen some of you in my classes. Thanks!Reduce Your Stress at Incredible Smiles with Dr. Lori Kemmet

There are two different ways to experience Avita Yoga from wherever you are:

1. Live Stream Avita Yoga:

Create a username and password and register for a class.

Offer for you: Use the one-time offer of ‘2for10’ to get 2 classes for $10.

  • M, W, F – 9:15 am with Jeff
  • T, Th – 9:15 am with Mercury Roberts
  • T, Th – 6:15 pm with Jeff
  • Sunday – 10:00 am with Jeff

2. On Demand Avita Online:


Practice when and where you want to. I know – not much choice about that right now. There are over 100 classes that guide you through the practice with supplemental videos. This is ideal for people who travel (business or pleasure) or who want to have access to practice on their schedule when it is convenient for them. Jeff created Avita Online so that people can experience Avita Yoga on the go and on demand. Practice when and where you want.

Offer for you: ½ off your first month of Avita Online, use coupon code “SMILES“.  Regular fee is $49.00 per month.

Remember if you have teeth or yoga questions feel free to e-mail me:
Lori@yogaloftboulder.com or Lori@incrediblesmiles.com

Namaste,   Lori

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