7 Common Veneer Mishaps and How to Avoid Them

Many people turn to veneers to correct various dental issues, such as discolored, uneven, or misshapen teeth. Cosmetic veneers can drastically improve your appearance. However, common veneer mishaps can occur and it is essential to understand how to avoid them. Not all veneer treatments are equal.

Quality and skill varies drastically among dentists, which can result in potential complications and undesired results. Remember to always select a reputable dental practice and ensure that your veneers are the high-quality solution you deserve. Our expert team at Incredible Smiles has seen and corrected a wide variety of veneer issues.

1. Poorly Fitted Veneers

One of the most common issues people face when getting veneers is improper fitting. Poorly fitted veneers can lead to a series of complications, including discomfort while speaking or eating, an uneven tooth appearance, and even damage to the underlying tooth structure. Precise fitting is essential for the success and durability of veneer treatment.

At Incredible Smiles, we ensure that our veneers are custom-made and carefully placed to provide optimal results. Our meticulous approach reduces the risk of improper placement, ensuring your veneers look natural and remain firmly bonded to your teeth for years to come.

2. Damage to the Underlying Tooth

During veneer preparation, it is crucial to minimize enamel removal to preserve the tooth’s integrity. Overzealous enamel removal can lead to severe consequences including:

  • Tooth Sensitivity: Excessive enamel removal can result in increased tooth sensitivity, as the protective outer layer of the tooth is compromised. This can cause discomfort when consuming hot, cold, or sweet foods and beverages, as the exposed tooth surface becomes more susceptible to temperature changes and external stimuli.
  • Reduced Tooth Strength: When too much enamel is removed, the tooth structure becomes weak and is more prone to damage. This can lead to an increased risk of fractures, cracks, and other long-term complications.
  • Tooth Nerve Damage: In extreme cases of excessive enamel removal, the underlying tooth nerve can be exposed or damaged, causing severe pain and potentially necessitating a root canal treatment or even tooth extraction.

We are well-trained in conservative tooth preparation techniques, ensuring that your natural teeth are protected while achieving the desired aesthetic result. Your comfort and long-term dental health are our highest priorities.

3. Misaligned Bite

Properly designed veneers should not alter your bite or cause discomfort. However, poorly crafted or placed veneers could lead to bite misalignment, resulting in pain and potential damage to your other teeth. Our experienced team at Incredible Smiles uses physiologic dental techniques to ensure each veneer is placed in a way that maintains proper occlusion and bite alignment, preventing future dental issues from arising.

4. Discoloration or Staining

High-quality veneers should resist discoloration and staining for a long-lasting, beautiful appearance. However, cheap materials used in dental tourism practices are often more prone to discoloration, negatively impacting your smile. We only use top-notch materials for our Signature veneers, ensuring they maintain their appearance even with daily exposure to staining factors such as coffee, tea, and tobacco products.

5. Debonding or Veneer Failure

Common veneer mishaps that can arise is the potential for debonding or veneer failure. Debonding refers to the veneer becoming detached from the tooth, which can happen for various reasons. Veneer failure, on the other hand, may involve the veneer itself cracking or breaking. If you leave certain conditions untreated  like gum disease, tooth decay or suffer from bruxism (teeth grinding), your veneers can become compromised. Subpar materials and techniques can also cause veneer debonding or failure.

We always ensure that  pre-existing dental conditions such as gum disease or tooth decay are resolved prior to veneer placement. Our extensive experience in placing veneers and using only the most up-to-date techniques and quality materials ensure that your investment is well protected.

6. Gum Irritation

There are several factors that can contribute to gum irritation when receiving veneers:

  • Improper placement: Veneers that are not correctly positioned or seated at the gum line can create areas of excessive pressure or friction on the surrounding gum tissue.
  • Poor fit: Ill-fitting veneers that are too large or small for the treated tooth can cause uneven pressure distribution on the gums, leading to irritation or discomfort.
  • Over-contoured veneers: Veneers that are unnecessarily thick or bulky at the gum line can impinge on the gums, causing inflammation.
  • Inadequate dental hygiene: Poor oral hygiene can lead to plaque buildup around the veneer edges, exacerbating gum irritation or even causing gum disease.

To avoid these complications, our team at Incredible Smiles prioritizes patient comfort and health. Precise veneer placement and fit will prevent gum irritation and potential damage to the surrounding tissues.

7. Aesthetic Complications

A poor veneer result marred by bad esthetics can manifest in various ways, such as unnatural tooth color, mismatched shades, irregular shaping, or improper alignment. These issues not only detract from the overall appearance of the smile but can also undermine one’s confidence and self-esteem. At our practice, we understand the impact of a botched veneer procedure and are dedicated to rectifying such cases with our expertise and commitment to excellence. Our team strives to deliver stunning and natural-looking veneers that blend seamlessly with your existing teeth, restoring harmony to your smile and reigniting your confidence.

Our skilled professionals at Incredible Smiles carefully design and place each veneer to blend seamlessly with your existing teeth, creating an aesthetically pleasing and harmonious smile.

Invest in Your Smile with Confidence

Quality dental veneers can play a vital role in your overall oral health and comfort. While the initial lure of cheap veneers is tempting, the long-term consequences of veneer mishaps outweigh the savings. We urge you to reconsider by investing in professional, high-quality veneer treatments for a lasting and beautiful smile.

We invite you to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Uppal to discuss your veneer needs and concerns. Don’t compromise on your smile. Make the right choice for your oral health and aesthetic goals by investing in a smile you can trust.

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