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The focus at Incredible Smiles is cosmetic enhancement, implant tooth
replacement, alignment of teeth and the treatment of pain. We are mindful of facial esthetics as we design choices for treatment unique to each client.

The health benefits from a clean lifestyle and optimal oxygenation are enormous! It is in our recommendations and how we provide comprehensive care that allows for optimal body benefit. For instance, aligning the teeth will provide more room for the tongue, increasing the airway and minimizing the effect of sleep apnea now and in the future.

Some of the best health care providers are instructors. When we teach we learn. For that reason, I choose to instruct other dentists in the art and science of Neuromuscular Dentistry at LVI (The Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies) and pursue advanced education for my entire team.

We provide nearly everything our guests need in one location. Strong communication between doctors and our team allows for delivery of premium level care. We would love to meet with you and share our passion for health. Please let us know how we may help you today!

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