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I could not practice without my dental laser. The diode laser helps me do many wonderful things like reducing the appearance of a gummy smile or uneven tissue.

Hello and welcome to incredible My name is Dr. Lori Kemmet founder and owner of incredible smiles. Dentistry has come a long way since I started practicing over 20 years ago. One of the things that I could never practice without today after using it for the past 10 years is my dental laser.

We have two different kinds of lasers in our practice. One is called an argon laser and the other one is a diode laser. It is the diode laser that helps me do so many wonderful things for people like you. A lot of times people come in and have a gummy smile. The laser helps me to raise the tissue up and actually remove it, kind of sculpt at the top of the teeth and it makes us look more at the teeth instead of the focus being on the gum tissue.

If you have a gummy smile or you have an un-evenness in your gum tissue consider having laser treatment done. It is painless and easy. Call us today for a complimentary consultation at 303-499-0013 or visit us on the web and incredible

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