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Brett Saunders On Dental Implants

Brett Saunders & Dental Implants

Brett Saunders, radio personality, talks about his experience with dental implants and the team of Incredible Smiles.

Before I met with Dr. Lori, I didn’t know a whole lots about dental implants. I heard about them. But to learn about them is an absolutely fascinating process. If you sit down with Dr. Lori Kemmet and her team they will go through everything step-by-step. Its really pretty amazing what they can do with dental technology.

When I was in my 20’s I really couldn’t afford proper dental care and I ended up getting a couple of abscessed teeth in the back, I lost a couple of molars, and at the time it wasn’t that big of a deal. But over the course of time I found that it was harder to chew things and it was uncomfortable. Having a full mouth of teeth is good for the digestive process. I’m glad that I met with Dr. Lori Kemmet and her whole team at Incredible Smiles. In fact when I met with Lori’s surgeon, he made it so easy and such a comfortable process and I’m glad that I could get everything done at one location at Incredible Smiles.

Brett Saunders: Dental Implants Feel Great
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