Our Dental Hygienist at Incredible Smiles

Meet our dental hygienist, Heather Vanderwal.

“Sometimes it takes years for a dentist and a dental hygienist to develop a comfortable working relationship. It took me and Heather a few minutes. I loved her from the moment I met her. Heather is a quick learner and has comprehensive training from The Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, where I myself have studied and taught for the past 18 years.” At Incredible Smiles, continuing education is a high priority.

I am absolutely thrilled that Heather has been with Incredible Smiles for the past eight years. She is a key member of my team. Heather will ensure that you receive the highest standard of oral health care.”

– Dr. Lori Kemmet

Looking for a talented, friendly and customer-focused dental hygienist? Consider Heather Vanderwal, at Incredible Smiles for your oral health care needs.

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