Electric toothbrush vs. manual

We’re proud to announce that Dr. Lori Kemmet, of Incredible Smiles in Boulder, CO has been quoted in the summer issue of NEWBEAUTY magazine. The June 12, 2019 article, Are Electric Toothbrushes Better Than Manual? Top Cosmetic Dentists Weigh In, touts the many benefits of an electric toothbrush.

Most people don’t brush properly.

The old-fashioned ‘manual’ brushes definitely take up less space and cost a fraction of the price of an electric toothbrush. However, Dr. Kemmet “prefers electric toothbrushes to manual for both kids and adults.”

“Most sonic toothbrushes have timers to ensure we spend 30 seconds brushing in each quadrant. It makes it more fun for everyone, and it’s also a great reminder to slow down when brushing.”

Other cosmetic dentists concur that we’re not able to match the “ability of these brushes to pulsate and rotate” with a manual brush. Sonic toothbrushes also have an added benefit of stimulating the gum tissue. And because of the built-in timers, patients are more likely to brush thoroughly without being over-zealous.

Most people don’t brush properly with manual toothbrushes, which can damage the enamel on their teeth and cause their gums to recede. And poor dental hygiene can negatively affect your overall health.

“Remember that it’s not so much about what you put on your toothbrush as it is the mechanical motion to break up the plaque,” adds Dr. Kemmet.

In conclusion, most dentists are in agreement that the good ‘old-fashioned’ type of toothbrush is adequate for travel. But the arguments for electric, or ‘sonic’ toothbrushes are indisputable:

  • access hard-to-reach places
  • improve gum health
  • 30 seconds per quadrant
  • eliminate guesswork
  • gentler on enamel and gums

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Read more about what Dr. Kemmet has to say in NEWBEAUTY Magazine.

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