Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance is a driving factor in many of our guest’s decisions about their teeth and smile. We understand how confusing dental insurance can be and want to help in any way possible, we also understand how health insurance for married couple can be difficult to find, especially if you are looking for Dental Insurance. Incredible Smiles is dedicated to maximizing your dental insurance benefits and will continue to assist you throughout the entire process. This extra amount of money will go along way, whether you’re undergoing a basic procedure or a complex repair.

While you are here for a visit, payment will be due in full at time of service. Upon completion of your visit, we will file your insurance claim. After 15 – 30 days the insurance company will mail any reimbursements directly to your home.

To have a successful insurance experience, please keep in mind this takes commitment between each unique guest and our office. Remember to be pro-active and familiar with your dental plan. If you communicate with us in regards to any requests or problems, we will help you in a very prompt manner.

Dental Insurance FAQs

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