General Dentistry

Ashkan came to us with spaces between his lower teeth.

He wanted his lower teeth to look as good as the upper teeth. He also needed fillings and his teeth had not been cleaned in a few years. We provided Ashkan with an incredible smile just in time for his wedding. He had his teeth cleaned, fillings completed with composites, and we closed the spaces by adding four veneers. Composites are an alternative to mercury/silver fillings. Follow-up is important to all our cosmetic cases and Ashkan continues to benefit from regular hygiene visits in our office to ensure his mouth stays healthy. For those guests who choose to return to their general dentist for maintenance, we provide information for the easy care of their new veneers.

SERVICE: General Maintenance and Oral Care
Maintains the optimal health of teeth and gum tissue while ensuring that your smile looks and feels its very best. 

BENEFITS: Healthy maintenance of your teeth and gum tissue creates a strong oral immune system.  This strong immune system is systemic.  A healthy mouth contributes to a healthy body.

TIME FRAME: One visit every six months is generally recommended for oral care and cosmetic maintenance.

Teeth Cleanings

We are a Boulder family dentistry office drawing from the entire state for people desiring teeth cleaning services. At Incredible Smiles we offer teeth cleanings as well as other alternative hygiene treatments. Sometimes we find periodontal disease or gingivitis that needs to be cared for with a different technique. Our hygienists are trained in the use of antibiotic placement and the use of lasers for laser bacterial reduction to help shrink pockets and help periodontal disease. It is our goal to keep you out of the periodontists office where surgery is often required. With regular dental cleanings and great homecare, we are confident healthy tissue can be achieved for a lifetime! Remember regular teeth cleanings and current x-rays help us detect cavities. The sooner dental decay is detected the easier and less costly the solution!

Dental Lasers

We have two different lasers in our office. The argon laser is used for curing materials quickly and is also used in general dentistry techniques. Additionally, diode lasers treat soft tissue for apthous ulcers, cancer sores, removing unhealthy tissue, and uneven tissue heights to create symmetry for optimal cosmetic dentistry results. We are a Denver general dentistry provider and the use of diode lasers is a great addition to our services.


When considering us for your Boulder general dentistry or Denver general dentistry you may want to consider white fillings. Fillings are often used to care for cavities. Cavities are also known as dental decay and arise from lack of routine cleaning or constant contact with an acid environment. As an office that provides Denver and Boulder general dentistry services we know soda drinks like mountain dew or coca-cola are extremely damaging to teeth. The use of high fructose energy drinks can also be harmful. Composite, or white fillings, can also be used for cosmetic bonding purposes. White fillings are made of a very biocompatible composite material and are a nice alternative to mercury fillings.


We provide the highest quality custom made porcelain crowns available by our ceramicist. Many people believe they have received a porcelain crown, when in fact a “porcelain fused to metal” crown has been provided. Occasionally, the metal under the porcelain can create an allergic reaction in the tissue. This allergic reaction usually come as a reaction to the nickel in the metal and this reaction is found more often in women than men. We also prefer all porcelain crowns because less tooth structure is removed during preparation. The only other material we use for crowns is gold. Gold is an incredibly strong and flexible material. Inexpensive gold crowns can also cause tissue irritation and allergeric reactions. Make sure to be aware of what metals are used in your gold crown.

Missing Teeth

There are solutions when one or more teeth are missing. Options for missing teeth include dental implants, bridges, partials, or dentures. Bridges are an option when there is a missing tooth and the teeth on either side have fillings or crowns. When the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth are healthy with minimal dentistry, an implant is the ideal solution and should be considered. When multiple teeth are missing, consider dental implants, partials, or dentures.

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