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Our office reflects our high level of customer service and our passion for our work. We welcome you into a warm, friendly facility dedicated to your care and comfort and to improving your smile. We employ the best materials and techniques available in cosmetic dentistry today and offer you many additional services to make your experience even more ‘incredible’.

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Cosmetic Consultations

A complimentary cosmetic consultation is an ideal way to explore your goals and options for cosmetic and/or restorative dentistry. It is a time to become acquainted with our team and to judge whether or not this office is a fit for you.

DSC_0590 (800×534)During the consultation we will work hard to create the best solution for you. Digital photos are often taken to objectively evaluate your smile and bite. In most cases, people have at least two options to achieve their desired results. One option is usually considered more ideal but may entail more dentistry. We always try to develop additional solutions that are more conservative in nature and that may work better for people on a budget.

In addition to answering your questions, there are questions we will ask you in order to help define and determine your goals. If you are considering any cosmetic treatment at all, please schedule a complimentary consultation with us. It will be well worth your time! Should you decide that our office and team is a fit for you we would then ask you to return for an examination with Dr. Priya and Dr. Kemmet. During this time together we gather further information to prepare you with options.

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We are committed to seeking out products and technology to continually expand our practice to the next level. We use digital x-ray technology which means there is approximately 80% less radiation compared with old x-ray method

3D Cone Beam Technology

This technology is new in dentistry. We employ this 3D format to allow us to optimally place dental implants for missing teeth. We take the optimal placement of implants very seriously, as a consumer you may want to select a dentist who employs this technology. The results of this scan are immediately available on our computer monitor. There is no need for you to see other dentists or x-ray facilities for your care. We meet all your dental needs in one location.

Panorex Extra-oral Digital X-Ray

Your X ray is taken in less than a minute and is immediately available to our team for viewing on the computer screen in your private studio. This provides the highest level of detail available in x-rays today.This x-ray is utilized for our orthodontic planning.

Intra-oral Digital X Ray

In each of our private studios we have the capability of taking a full set of digital x-rays to completely assess your oral health. Digital X-ray technology is more environmentally sensitive than previous processes because it does not entail developing or processing x-ray film with hazardous chemicals that can threaten the water supply. Additionally, x-ray exposure is dramatically reduced, making it a safer choice for our guests.

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Ensuring Gum-Tissue Health with Laser Therapy

Oral health and the appearance of your gum tissue help define your smile. We have sought out solid technology and well trained hygienists to support and maintain healthy gum tissue. Our hygienists are well trained. They offer antibiotic placement and lasers therapy to improve the health of gum-tissue.

Laser Technology

Reshaping excessive or irregular gum tissue is an important aspect of achieving exceptional results. Lasers enhance tissue health, creating ideal tissue symmetry while performing cosmetic enhancements. This means your gum tissue will nicely compliment your “incredible smile.”

Florida Probe This software allows us to monitor your health from visit to visit. At each cleaning visit our hygienist measures the health of tissue at six locations around each tooth. This amazing customization of your hygiene care ensures early detection of problems and your ultimate oral health. Before proceeding with a cosmetic and/or functional enhancement, we want to allow for proper gum-tissue health.

Relax! You’re in Good Hands

We are committed to making you and your results our number-one focus.

Your successful, positive experience and care is our number one priority. Your experience in our office will be as beautiful as your new smile. We pride ourselves on having an awareness of your happiness and total well-being. With your care and comfort in mind, we’ve incorporated these luxuries into your visit.

Paraffin Hand Dip

Treating your hands to a warm wrap of paraffin doesn’t make your teeth cleaner, but it sure feels good. During this skin-smoothing process, we’ll even take the time to clean your jewelry because we know it’s the little touches that remind you we care.

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During every visit, we’ll ask you that question. It has been proven listening to music relaxes you and helps the time pass. We provide Bose® headphones and a full assortment of music to help you relax.

Partners For A Clean Environment

We are proud to participate in the Partners For A Clean Environment (PACE) program. As a PACE partner, we are monitored for compliance with the most stringent regulations when discarding hazardous materials. PACE partners are working to preserve Colorado’s environment through pollution prevention and waste reduction.

Making Cosmetic Dentistry Affordable

In many cases insurance will assist with any “medically necessary” dentistry. In general, because of limits insurance companies place on dentistry, most people elect to pay their own fees connected to cosmetic dentistry. As a benefit to you, we provide a monthly payment program that makes restorative cosmetic dentistry affordable. We also provide a no-interest, same-as-cash program to qualifying guests. You can click on the links below to learn more about convenient financing options for your Incredible Smile:

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Travel Arrangements

It is not unusual for us to have a guest travel a great distance to enjoy our services. We are happy to assist you with finding local accommodations which meet your needs. There are passionate Boulderites in our office who would love to suggest amazing restaurants and/or local attractions for you to visit during your stay. Please call our office to make any arrangements for your stay.

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